↟ Once Upon a Time, women gathered in circles ↟ 

Women have always been storytellers, healers, and heart-weavers. Whether they were cooking around the same fire pit or simply coming together to tell stories, perform magic, or celebrate, women, tribes, and people gathered in circles to connect with each other. Oil circle is a way for us to connect with and learn from each other by sharing our experiences over a common oil. We wanted a place to bring our tribe together. It’s a way for us to learn not only about the Earth but about each other by sharing our knowledge; empowering each other with plant magic. Join our oil circle below!

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Here’s how oil circle works: 

⧋ each month we will send you ideas for your LRP order

⧋ each monthly suggestion will be between 50-75 pv

⧋ we will send you tips each week to incorporate these products into your routine

What is LRP?

LRP is an optional Loyalty Rewards Program you can participate in when you have a wholesale account with one of our #lovewildtribeoilguides.

⧋ on top of your 25% off as a wholesale customer, you have the opportunity to earn points back by ordering each month.

⧋ if you order a minimum of 50 pv each month, you start earning 10% back of your orders back in points during your first three months!

⧋ if you continue to order every month, your percent continues to increase, all the way to 30% by your 13th month on the program.


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